Kayak Sport

Benefit From Kayak Sport

Boats, as a tool of human production and transportation, have a history of tens of thousands of years, and the oldest boat in the world—the original canoe is the ancestor of modern kayaking.

Kayaking was developed from canoes. The first people to use kayaks were the Eskimos in North America. The earliest kayaks were made of animal skins and bones, and some were carefully carved from whole trees. .

Later, the “father of modern kayaking” Scotsman John McGregor,

A 4-meter-long, 75-centimeter-wide, 30-kilogram “Nob Noi” kayak was built,

And traveled to sea areas such as Britain, France, Germany and Sweden,

So far, kayaking has a history of more than 100 years.

Kayaking is a water sport with great exercise value, which belongs to speed and endurance events.

There are many benefits to people:

  1. Frequent participation in kayaking can effectively enhance the functions of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system,

Increase lung capacity, develop total body muscle strength and endurance qualities.

  1. Kayaking can exercise body coordination.

The movement process of kayaking needs to transmit the power to the limbs through the muscle groups around the waist-pelvis-hip joint, and needs to make the whole body coordinate and exert force, relying on the rotation of the hip joint to drive the waist to exert force on the paddle.

It is necessary to keep the kayak advancing steadily and at high speed on the water in a very unbalanced state.

This challenge fully exercises the coordination and balance of the limbs.

  1. Kayaking is the most effective back bodybuilding exercise.

Thin people with protruding shoulder blades look unattractive because the muscles in the upper back are too weak. In daily life, some people will have a hunchback with their chests in their chests, and some spinal discomforts are related to the lack of back muscle strength. Participating in kayaking can shape a flat and beautiful back, which is also very suitable for women.

  1. Kayaking promotes the development of concentration.

When exercising, the close combination of strength and technical movements is required, which makes athletes need to control their movements well and rhythmically. Whether it is relaxation, coherence, large-scale or fast, balance, flexibility, etc., athletes need to concentrate and maintain a certain persistence, which is very good for the development of athletes’ concentration.

  1. Kayaking exercises people’s resilience.

In the process of rowing, sometimes unexpected situations such as turbulence, sharp turns, and boulders may be encountered. These challenges can exercise people’s resilience. Experienced kayakers can deal with many problems calmly and calmly.

  1. Kayaking promotes the development of teamwork ability.

There are 2 or 4 people playing kayaks. Several athletes need to move in unison before moving forward in order to maintain a smooth and fast progress. In this process, teamwork is very important.

Kayak Sport

Having said so much, the most important thing is that Kayak Sport is cool, is there any?

Imagine yourself sprinting downstream in the middle of the water…it’s so cool!

Now many camps across the country have kayaking projects,

Have a chance to experience kayaking!

You can bring your family with you.

Kayak Sport

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