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Cooler For Outdoor

Plastic Cooler Box

Shell Material: LLDPE and HDPE and PP
Insulation Material: Pu Foaming or EPS
Production: Roto molding , blow molding, injections molding

Soft Cooler Bag

Outer Material: Oxford fabric coated with TPU
Insulation Material: TPR,EVA,EPE
Technology: Welding, sititching


Blow Molding Kayak

Blow molding kayaks are crafted using a manufacturing process where plastic is melted and extruded into a mold. Air is then blown into the mold, expanding the plastic to form the desired shape. This method produces durable, lightweight, and cost-effective kayaks with a seamless, hollow structure. These kayaks are popular for their affordability, robust construction, and resistance to impact, making them ideal for recreational paddlers and beginners. Their design typically includes features like built-in seats and storage compartments, enhancing usability and comfort on the water.

Recreational kayak

Recreational kayaks are designed for casual paddling on calm waters such as lakes, slow-moving rivers, and sheltered coastal areas. These kayaks prioritize stability and ease of use, featuring a wider beam and shorter length compared to other types. They typically have a large cockpit for easy entry and exit and are often equipped with comfortable seating. Ideal for beginners and leisurely outings, recreational kayaks offer a stress-free way to enjoy nature and explore waterways. Their durable construction and affordable price make them a popular choice for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.


A fishing kayak is a specialized small watercraft designed for anglers, combining the maneuverability and simplicity of a traditional kayak with features tailored for fishing. These kayaks often include rod holders, tackle storage, comfortable seating, and enhanced stability for standing casts. Lightweight and portable, fishing kayaks can navigate shallow waters and remote fishing spots inaccessible to larger boats, making them ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Available in sit-on-top or sit-inside models, they cater to various fishing styles and preferences, offering an accessible and enjoyable way to fish.

Pedal Kayak

A pedal kayak is a type of kayak equipped with a pedal-driven propulsion system, allowing users to navigate and propel the kayak using their legs. This system, often featuring pedals and a propeller or flippers, enables hands-free operation, making it ideal for fishing, photography, and leisurely paddling. Pedal kayaks offer increased speed and efficiency compared to traditional paddle kayaks, and their design often includes features like adjustable seats, ample storage, and enhanced stability. They are popular among recreational kayakers and anglers for their convenience and versatility on the water.

Touring Kayak

A touring kayak, also known as a sea kayak, is designed for long-distance paddling on open waters like seas, lakes, and rivers. These kayaks are typically longer and narrower than recreational models, enhancing speed and tracking. They feature storage compartments for gear, making them ideal for multi-day trips. Stability, comfort, and efficiency are key attributes, often equipped with rudders or skegs to aid navigation in varying conditions. Touring kayaks provide an excellent blend of performance and storage capacity, catering to paddlers seeking extended adventures and exploration on diverse water bodies.

Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable SUP For Easy Carrying and Online Shop

Foaming Hard Paddle Board

PU Foaming Inside

Durable Quality And Good For Rental Business

More Rigid SUP

LLDPE with PU Fomaing insde to ensure the durable quality

More Kneeboard

Watersport accessaries

tayjor 白色透明
Watersport Accessaries
Dry Bag
A dry bag is an essential companion for any outdoor adventure. Crafted with durable, waterproof materials, this versatile accessory keeps your belongings safe and dry
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Shaft: Alunimum,Carbon fiber

Blade: PP, Nylon, ABS

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Air Track

Drop stitching fabric like inflatable SUP Custimized designs and size

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Kayak backrest

Oxford fabric + EVA

Suitable for Kayak and paddle board

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Xiamen Tayjor outdoor products Co.,ltd is specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of Foaming hard paddle board, rigid kayak, cooler box and cooler bag , inflatable SUP and kayak.

Top end quality with competitive pricing and good customer service are our goal.

Kayak Manufacturer in CHINA

As a leading kayak manufacturer in China, we deliver top-quality, durable kayaks to meet diverse needs. Partnering with us ensures exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Boost your water adventures and explore our extensive product range today. Increase your website traffic by showcasing our unmatched expertise in kayak manufacturing.

Cooler Box Manufacturer In CHINA

Discover the top Cooler Box Manufacturer in China! We provide premium quality, innovative cooler boxes tailored to your needs. Our commitment to excellence and competitive pricing ensures the best value for our customers. Visit our website to explore our extensive range and enhance your cooling solutions with the industry’s best.

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With CE , REACH , ISO9001 and EN25649 certification , strict quality control system and advanced manufacturing technology , our products are able to meet the industry standard for most markets around the world.


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