Polystyrene (EPS foam) and polypropylene (Pu Foaming Cooler Box) are the main materials of cold chain incubators and outdoor camping currently on the market.

Compared with EPS foam incubators, PU foam incubators have better performance, constant temperature and environmental protection. Great progress has been made in all aspects, and it is an ideal incubator for cold chain packaging.

Pu Foaming Cooler Box

“EPS Foam Cooler Box ” VS “Pu Foaming Cooler Box”: Material upgrade

EPS polystyrene foam (Expanded Polystyrene) is a light-weight high molecular polymer. The fresh food incubator made of it has good sealing performance and excellent temperature control effect. EPS material has stable chemical properties and is difficult to be naturally decomposed by microorganisms.

PU polypropylene plastic foam material is the fastest growing environmentally friendly new pressure-resistant buffer heat insulation material. Light specific gravity, good elasticity, shock resistance and compression resistance, high deformation recovery rate, non-toxic and tasteless, 100% recyclable and almost no performance degradation, is a real environment-friendly foam.

Pu Foaming Cooler Box

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