Double Sit In Sea Kayak 18ft
  • Double Sit In Sea Kayak 18ft

Double Sit In Sea Kayak

Easty D 5.5
Easty D 5.5 is a roomy and stable multipurpose kayak, that will surprise even experienced paddlers with its maneuverability and efficiency. While easy to master for the beginner, the behavior in wind and waves will appeal to the experienced paddler.


LENGTH: 550CM / 18′

WIDTH: 72CM / 28″

CAPACITY: 322 KG / 710 LBS

COCKPIT: 85×44CM / 33.5″×17.3″

CENTRAL HATCH: 68X44CM / 26.8″X17.3″


  • *Smart truck tandem rudder systerm
  • *Adjustable footrest steering system
  • *Adjustable soft knee systerm
  • *KS Round hatch 24,cover
  • *KS oval hatch 42/30,cover
  • *Soft and Comfortable Seat backrest systerm
  • *Paddle parking ball
  • *Compass position
  • *Handles
  • *Elastic cord
  • *Middle cockpit cover

Double Sit In Sea Kayak

Double Sit In Sea Kayak
Double Sit In Sea Kayak
Double Sit In Sea Kayak

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Discover the Joy of Double Sit-In Sea Kayaks

Embarking on a sea kayaking adventure is an exhilarating experience. A double sit-in kayak can make these journeys even more enjoyable. Perfect for tandem paddling, this type of kayak offers a unique blend of stability, speed, and companionship. Let’s delve into what makes double sit-in kayaks special, explore their features, and provide some tips on choosing the right one for your adventures.

The Thrill of Tandem Paddling

Paddling a double sea kayak is an excellent way to bond with a friend or loved one. Sharing the paddling effort makes long trips less tiring and more enjoyable. Additionally, these kayaks are designed to provide greater stability and speed, making them ideal for exploring open waters together.

Features of a Double Sit-In Sea Kayak

Superior Stability

Double sit-in sea kayaks are known for their stability. The wider base ensures the kayak remains steady, even in choppy waters. This feature is particularly beneficial for beginners who might be apprehensive about capsizing.

Ample Storage

Long trips require adequate storage for gear and supplies. These kayaks often come equipped with multiple storage compartments, including dry hatches that keep your belongings safe and dry.

Comfort for Long Trips

Comfort is essential for enjoyable kayaking. Double sit-in sea kayaks typically feature adjustable, padded seats that offer excellent back support. Footrests are also adjustable, allowing paddlers to find their most comfortable position.


Constructed from high-quality materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or fiberglass, these kayaks are built to last. They can withstand the rigors of marine environments, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Enhanced Performance

Despite their larger size, double sit-in sea kayaks are designed for performance. They glide smoothly through the water, offering good speed and easy maneuverability. Many models include rudders or skegs to aid in steering and stability.

Choosing the Right Double Sit-In Sea Kayak

Selecting the right kayak involves considering various factors to meet your specific needs. Here are some tips to guide you:

Evaluate Your Skill Level

If you’re new to kayaking, opt for a model that emphasizes stability. Experienced paddlers might prefer a design that offers greater speed and performance.

Consider Size and Weight

Double sit-in sea kayaks are larger and heavier than their single counterparts. Ensure you can manage the kayak’s weight and that it fits your transportation options.

Determine Your Adventure Plans

Your paddling plans will influence your choice. For short trips, a kayak with basic storage may suffice. For extended journeys, look for models with ample storage and comfort features.

Test Before Purchasing

Whenever possible, test the kayak before buying. Many retailers offer demo days, allowing you to try different models. This firsthand experience helps in assessing comfort and performance.

Essential Safety Tips

Kayaking is fun, but safety should always come first. Here are some essential tips to ensure a safe adventure:

Always Wear Life Jackets

Life jackets are a must for both paddlers. Even strong swimmers should wear them for safety.

Check Weather Conditions

Always check the weather forecast before setting out. Avoid kayaking in adverse weather conditions or rough seas.

Inform Others of Your Plans

Let someone know your kayaking plans, including your route and expected return time. This precaution ensures someone will notice if you encounter problems.

Carry Safety Gear

Bring essential safety gear such as a mobile phone or waterproof radio, a first aid kit, and a whistle for emergencies.

Learn Rescue Techniques

Knowing how to perform basic rescue techniques is crucial. Practice getting back into your kayak in case you capsize.


Double sit-in sea kayaks offer a unique way to explore the water with a companion. Their stability, comfort, and ample storage make them ideal for both beginners and experienced paddlers. By choosing the right kayak and following safety tips, you can enjoy memorable and safe kayaking adventures. Whether for a short trip or an extended journey, a double sit-in sea kayak enhances the experience, making it more fun and fulfilling. Happy paddling!

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