Sea Touring Kayak 17ft
  • Sea Touring Kayak 17ft
  • Sea Touring Kayak 17ft

Sea Touring Kayak

Expedition17.0 allow paddlers to great sea adventures! Speed, stability and lots of space to carry all your stuff.

Sea Touring Kayak


LENGTH: 520 CM / 17′

WIDTH: 59 CM / 23″

DEPTH: 30 CM / 12″

COCKPIT: 87×44 CM / 34″×17″


  • *bow&stern waterproof hatchs made by EPDM rubber
  • *Twist lock hatch cover with waterproof inner bag
  • *Adjustable deluxe footrest steering system
  • *Comfortable adjustable knee brace
  • *Plastic seat with soft cushion&backrest
  • *Moulded-in for fitting compass
  • *316 wire rudder systerm
  • *Mesh bag for storage
  • *Lock saddle
  • *Elastic cord
  • *Handles

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Sea Touring Kayak

Manufacturing Technique

Sit On Top Kayak

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Discover the Excitement of Sea Touring Kayaks

Are you ready for an adventure on the open water? A sea touring kayak might be just what you need. This type of kayak is designed for long-distance paddling on oceans, seas, and large lakes. It offers many benefits and unique features. Let’s explore why a sea touring kayak is perfect for your next journey.

What is a Sea Touring Kayak?

Atouring kayak is a specialized kayak for long trips on open water. It is longer and narrower than recreational kayaks. This design helps it move quickly and efficiently. You can cover long distances with less effort.

Speed and Efficiency

Speed is one of the main advantages. The sleek shape cuts through the water easily. You can paddle faster and go further. This is great for exploring new places and enjoying the thrill of speed.

Stability and Control

Stability is also important. A sea kayak has a lower center of gravity. This makes it more stable in rough waters. You can paddle confidently, even in waves and strong currents. The kayak’s design gives you better control, so you can navigate through different conditions.

Comfort for Long Trips

Comfort is crucial for long journeys. Sea kayaks have comfortable, adjustable seats. You can adjust the footrests to fit your legs perfectly. This helps reduce fatigue, allowing you to paddle longer without discomfort.

Storage Space for Sea Touring Kayak

Going on a long trip means you need to carry gear. Touring kayaks have ample storage space. You’ll find compartments in the front and back. These hatches are usually watertight, keeping your gear dry. Deck bungee cords provide extra storage for items you need to access quickly.

Protection from the Elements

Another benefit is the protection from the elements. Sitting inside the kayak shields you from wind and water. You can use a spray skirt to keep water out of the cockpit. This keeps you dry and warm, even in challenging conditions.


Durability is key for any adventure gear.Touring kayaks are made from strong materials like polyethylene, fiberglass, or composite. These materials withstand the harsh conditions of the sea. With proper care, your kayak will last for many years.

Choosing the Right Kayak

When choosing a sea touring kayak, consider a few factors. Think about the size. The kayak should fit your height and weight. Check the storage space to ensure it meets your needs. Look for a comfortable seat and adjustable footrests. Reading reviews and getting advice from experienced paddlers can help you make an informed decision.

Safety Tips for Sea Touring Kayak

Safety should always come first. Always wear a life jacket. Practice getting in and out of the kayak in shallow water. Learn basic paddling techniques and understand the water conditions you’ll be navigating. Having a safety plan ensures a fun and safe adventure.

Additional Features

Some sea touring kayaks come with extra features. For example, some models have a rudder or skeg. These features help with steering and maintaining a straight course. They are especially useful in windy conditions. Other kayaks may have a built-in pump for removing water from the cockpit.

Conclusion for Sea Touring Kayak

In conclusion, a touring kayak is an excellent choice for long-distance adventures on open water. It offers speed, stability, comfort, and ample storage space. Whether you’re exploring the coastline, crossing a large lake, or venturing into the sea, a sea touring kayak provides a fantastic experience. If you’re ready for your next big adventure, consider a sea touring kayak. Happy paddling!

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