Sit In Ocean Kayak 12.6ft
  • Sit In Ocean Kayak 12.6ft

Sit In Ocean Kayak

Model No:Oceanus 126



Technology:Roto molded


Net Weight:25kgs


Seat:1 person

Application:Sea , Touring, Ocean

Sit In Ocean Kayak

Sit In Ocean Kayak Specification

Introducing our Sit-In Ocean Kayak!

Dive into the waves with confidence aboard this sleek vessel, crafted for the ultimate ocean adventure. Whether you’re exploring coastal coves, riding the surf, or embarking on a sea safari, this kayak promises stability, agility, and comfort.

Built with durable materials and expert engineering, our kayak tackles the challenges of the open sea while providing a smooth, stable ride. Its sit-in design offers protection from wind and waves, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable as you navigate the ocean’s depths.

But that’s not all! Our ocean kayak boasts features to enhance your water experience, including ample storage space for gear and provisions, adjustable seating for customized comfort, and a streamlined hull for effortless paddling.

Whether you’re a seasoned sea kayaker or a first-time adventurer, our Sit-In Ocean Kayak is your ticket to exploring the vast blue expanse. So grab your paddle, embrace the call of the ocean, and embark on your next great maritime odyssey!

Manufacturing Technique

Plastic Fishing Kayak

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