Touring Kayak For Sale 16.7ft
  • Touring Kayak For Sale 16.7ft

Touring Kayak For Sale

Rapier Single
Repier touring kayak with great comfort allows you to go anywhere you want.With spacious seat well and comfortable backseat,it will deliver a pleasant experience of your sea touring.Now,explore the unknown when you have not gone before.

Touring Kayak For Sale Specification

Touring Kayak For Sale
Touring Kayak For Sale
Touring Kayak For Sale
Touring Kayak For Sale 16.7ft

Manufacturing Technique

Plastic Fishing Kayak

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Discover Your Perfect Touring Kayak for Sale

Are you ready to explore new waterways? A touring kayak could be your perfect companion. These kayaks are designed for long-distance paddling on lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Let’s dive into what makes touring kayaks special and how to choose the best one for you.

Why Choose a Touring Kayak?

Designed for Distance

Touring kayaks are built for long trips. They have sleek, narrow shapes that cut through the water efficiently. This design makes paddling easier and allows you to travel further without getting tired.

Stable and Comfortable

Stability is key for long trips. Touring kayaks are stable, so you can enjoy your journey without worrying about tipping over. They also have comfortable seats and plenty of legroom, making them perfect for extended outings.

Ample Storage

Planning a long trip requires carrying gear. Touring kayaks have ample storage space. You can pack your camping gear, food, and other essentials in dry storage compartments. This means you can be well-prepared for multi-day adventures.

Key Features of Touring Kayaks

Length and Width

Touring kayaks are usually longer than recreational kayaks. They range from 12 to 18 feet in length. A longer kayak tracks better and moves faster. The width is narrower, which helps with speed and efficiency.


Touring kayaks come in different materials. Polyethylene is durable and affordable. Composite materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber are lighter and faster but more expensive. Choose the material based on your budget and needs.

Rudder or Skeg

A rudder or skeg helps with tracking and stability in windy conditions or strong currents. A rudder is adjustable with foot pedals, while a skeg is a fixed fin. Both options improve your control over the kayak.

Cockpit Size

The cockpit size matters for comfort and safety. A smaller cockpit gives you better control and keeps water out. A larger cockpit makes it easier to get in and out of the kayak. Choose the size that fits your comfort level.

Deck Rigging

Deck rigging includes bungee cords and straps on the kayak’s deck. These help secure extra gear like a paddle, map, or water bottle. Deck rigging is essential for keeping important items within reach.

Choosing the Right Touring Kayak

Assess Your Skill Level

Beginner kayakers might prefer a shorter, wider kayak for more stability. Experienced paddlers might opt for a longer, narrower kayak for speed and efficiency. Assess your skill level and choose accordingly.

Consider the Water Type

Where will you paddle? For calm lakes and slow rivers, a basic touring kayak is sufficient. For coastal waters and open seas, you might need a more advanced kayak with a rudder or skeg for better control.

Set a Budget

Touring kayaks vary in price. Set a budget before you start shopping. Decide what features are most important to you and find a kayak that meets those needs within your budget.

Test Before You Buy

If possible, test the kayak before buying. Many retailers offer demo days where you can try different models. This helps you find a kayak that feels comfortable and suits your paddling style.

Essential Gear for Touring Kayaks


A good paddle is crucial. Look for a lightweight paddle with an adjustable length. This helps you paddle efficiently and comfortably.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

Safety is a priority. Always wear a PFD. Choose one designed for kayaking, with a snug fit and freedom of movement.

Spray Skirt

A spray skirt keeps water out of the cockpit. It’s especially useful in rough water or rainy conditions. Make sure it fits your kayak and body well.

Dry Bags

Keep your gear dry with dry bags. They come in various sizes and fit into the kayak’s storage compartments. Pack your clothes, food, and electronics in dry bags for protection.

Navigation Tools

A map, compass, and GPS are essential for navigation. These tools help you stay on course and reach your destination safely.

First Aid Kit

Always carry a first aid kit. Include bandages, antiseptics, and any personal medications. Be prepared for minor injuries or emergencies.

Tips for a Great Touring Experience

Plan Your Route

Before heading out, plan your route. Check maps, weather forecasts, and water conditions. Know your entry and exit points and have a clear idea of your journey.

Pack Smart

Pack light but bring essentials. Balance your kayak by distributing weight evenly. Keep frequently used items within reach.

Stay Hydrated and Fueled

Bring enough water and snacks. Stay hydrated and take breaks to eat and rest. Paddling is a workout, so keep your energy up.

Practice Safety

Always tell someone your plan. Wear your PFD and know how to perform self-rescue techniques. Be aware of your surroundings and paddle within your limits.

Respect Nature

Enjoy the beauty of nature but leave no trace. Pack out all trash and be mindful of wildlife. Respect the environment to keep it pristine for future paddlers.


A touring kayak opens up a world of adventure. Designed for long-distance paddling, these kayaks offer stability, comfort, and ample storage. By choosing the right kayak and gear, planning your trips, and respecting nature, you can enjoy countless memorable journeys. Whether you’re exploring calm lakes or challenging coastal waters, a touring kayak makes every trip an exciting experience. So, get ready to embark on your next adventure with the perfect touring kayak for sale!

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