Whitewater Kayak For Sale 12.8ft
  • Whitewater Kayak For Sale 12.8ft

Whitewater Kayak For Sale

Crossover 3.9
Cross over are multi-purpose boats great for any water and friendly in lots situations. This boats is for demanding people, who has lots interests and need a boat that feels good in sea, close water, rivers, fishing or just scouting doing bird watching.
The key points of this concept are: stability, handling, versatility. It is short enough to be carried by car without problem or recovered in a small garage during the off season


LENGTH: 390CM / 12.8′

WIDTH: 68CM / 27”

DEPTH: 40CM / 16”



COCKPIT: 85×40CM / 33”×16”


  • *Seat
  • *Backrest
  • *Kajaksport skeg.(importer)
  • *Hatch
  • *Knee brace
  • *Handle
  • *Lock Saddle

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Whitewater Kayak For Sale 12.8ft

Manufacturing Technique

Whitewater Kayak For Sale

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How to Play with a Whitewater Kayak

Whitewater kayaking is an exciting and fun sport. You get to paddle through rapids and enjoy nature. If you have a whitewater kayak for sale, learning how to use it properly is important. This blog will guide you on how to play with your whitewater kayak.

Getting Started

First, you need the right gear. Wear a helmet to protect your head. A life jacket is essential for safety. Neoprene wetsuits keep you warm in cold water. Water shoes protect your feet. Don’t forget a paddle!

Next, find a good spot to start. Calm waters are best for beginners. A lake or slow-moving river is ideal. Practice basic paddling techniques before hitting the rapids.

Getting Into the Kayak

Place the kayak in shallow water. Hold onto the sides for balance. Sit in the kayak and adjust your seat. Your back should be straight. Feet should rest comfortably on the footrests. Knees should be slightly bent. Secure the spray skirt around the cockpit to keep water out.

Basic Paddling Techniques

Learning to paddle is essential. Hold the paddle with both hands. Keep your grip firm but relaxed. The paddle should be vertical. Dip one blade into the water and pull it back. Repeat on the other side. This moves the kayak forward.

To turn, paddle harder on one side. To stop, paddle backward. Practice these moves until you feel comfortable.

Playing in the Rapids

When you feel ready, move to faster waters. Look for rapids with small waves. These are easier for beginners. Before entering, scout the rapids. Check for obstacles like rocks or logs.

Enter the rapids slowly. Keep your paddle in the water for stability. Use short, quick strokes to navigate. Lean forward slightly. This helps you stay balanced.

Maneuvering Through Rapids

Use different strokes to control your kayak. The sweep stroke helps you turn. Place the paddle in the water near your toes. Sweep it in a wide arc towards the back. This turns the kayak.

The draw stroke moves the kayak sideways. Place the paddle in the water next to you. Pull it towards the kayak. This moves the kayak sideways.

Practice these strokes in calm water first. Then try them in the rapids. Always look ahead. Plan your route through the rapids.

Rolling Your Kayak

Sometimes, you may tip over. Knowing how to roll your kayak is important. Practice in calm water first.

To roll, tuck your body close to the kayak. Use the paddle to push against the water. Twist your body and push your hips up. This brings the kayak back to an upright position.

Rolling takes practice. Don’t get discouraged. Keep practicing until you can roll smoothly.

Safety Tips For whitewater Kayak For Sale

Always paddle with a partner. It’s safer and more fun. Tell someone where you are going. Bring a whistle to signal for help.

Watch the weather. Avoid kayaking in storms. High water levels can be dangerous. Check local river conditions.

Stay hydrated. Bring water and snacks. Take breaks when you need to.

Caring for Your Kayak

Rinse your kayak with fresh water after each use. This removes dirt and debris. Store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Check for damage regularly. Repair small cracks quickly. This prevents bigger problems.

Enjoying the Adventure with Whitewater Kayak For Sale

Whitewater kayaking is thrilling. Each trip is a new adventure. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Listen to the sounds of the river. Feel the rush of the rapids.

Take pictures. Share your experiences with friends and family. Join a kayaking group. Learn from others and make new friends.

Conclusion Whitewater Kayak For Sale

Whitewater kayaking is a fun and exciting sport. With the right gear and practice, you can enjoy many adventures. Start with calm waters. Learn basic paddling techniques. Move to faster waters when you feel ready. Practice safety and care for your kayak. Enjoy the thrill of the rapids. Get out there and play with your whitewater kayak!


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