Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Board

wholesale stand up paddle boards


  1. • Constructed from durable, strength, stability drop stitch core material
  2. • Soft Non-slip EVA Form Deck pad
  3. • Bungee rope storage system
  4. • Comfort center Grip Neoprene handle
  5. • High Pressure quick inflation/Deflation Bravo valve , air pressure up to 15 PSI
  6. • Stainless steel D ring on tail for ankle leash

1.Ultra-light Drop-stitch core for higher compressive and tensile strength
2.lnner Rail Layer for extra air tight seal
3.0uter Rail Layer for smooth and compact bonding of all layers
4.Compostite coating with heavy duty PVC layer

wholesale paddle boards


  1. • 1 x Paddle Boad
  2. • 1x Durable Backpack
  3. • 1 x Dual Action Hand Pump with pressure gauge
  4. • 1×10’ Ankle leash
  5. • 1 x Compact 3-pieces aluminum paddle
  6. • 1 x Repair kit
OEM/ODM paddle board

Carton Dimension:
35×15.7×7.8in (89x40x20 cm)
Container Loading:
20/40/40H/45H: 398/835/988/1113

wholesale paddle boards
wholesale paddle boards
wholesale paddle boards

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Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Boards: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to buy stand up paddle boards (SUPs) in bulk? This guide will introduce you to the world of wholesale stand up paddle boards. We’ll cover the benefits, what to look for, and how to make the best purchase. Let’s dive in!

Why Choose Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Boards?

Save Money

Buying wholesale stand up paddle boards saves you money. When you buy in bulk, you get a lower price per board. This is great for businesses, rental shops, and even groups of friends.

Wide Variety

Wholesale options often include a wide variety of boards. You can find boards for different skill levels and activities. From beginners to advanced paddlers, there’s something for everyone.

Stock Up

If you run a business, stocking up on SUPs ensures you always have enough boards. This is important, especially during the busy season. Your customers won’t be disappointed.

What to Look for in Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Boards

Quality Materials

High-quality materials are crucial. Look for boards made from durable materials like PVC or epoxy. These materials ensure the boards last longer and perform better.

Stability and Size

Stability is key for a good paddle boarding experience. Wider boards offer more stability, which is great for beginners. Consider the size and shape of the boards based on your target customers.

Weight Capacity

Different boards support different weight capacities. Make sure the boards can handle a range of weights. This makes them suitable for various users.


Many wholesale deals include accessories like paddles, leashes, and pumps. These add value to your purchase. Make sure to check what accessories come with the boards.


A good warranty shows the manufacturer stands behind their product. Look for boards that come with a warranty. This gives you peace of mind.

Types of Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Boards

Inflatable SUPs

Inflatable SUPs are popular because they are easy to store and transport. They are made from durable materials and can be inflated quickly. They are also less prone to damage compared to hard boards.

Hard SUPs

Hard SUPs, also known as epoxy or fiberglass boards, offer excellent performance. They are ideal for serious paddlers and competitive use. They provide better speed and maneuverability.

Yoga SUPs

Yoga SUPs are wider and more stable. They are perfect for yoga enthusiasts who want to practice on the water. They provide a stable platform for various yoga poses.

Fishing SUPs

Fishing SUPs are equipped with features like rod holders and extra storage. They are designed for anglers who want to fish from their paddle board. These boards are stable and spacious.

How to Choose the Right Wholesale Supplier


Research the reputation of the supplier. Look for reviews and testimonials from other buyers. A good reputation indicates reliable service and quality products.

Customer Service

Good customer service is essential. Choose a supplier that is responsive and helpful. They should be able to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Shipping and Delivery

Check the shipping and delivery options. Make sure the supplier can deliver to your location. Also, consider the shipping costs and delivery time.

Customization Options

Some suppliers offer customization options. This can include adding your logo or choosing specific colors. Customization can help your business stand out.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Boards

Better Profit Margins

For businesses, buying wholesale improves profit margins. You get a lower cost per unit, allowing you to sell at a competitive price while making a profit.

Consistent Supply

Wholesale purchases ensure a consistent supply of boards. This is important for rental shops and businesses that need to meet demand during peak seasons.

Brand Recognition

Buying from reputable wholesalers can boost your brand. High-quality boards reflect well on your business, leading to positive reviews and repeat customers.

Tips for First-Time Wholesale Buyers

Start Small

If you’re new to buying wholesale, start with a smaller order. This allows you to test the quality and service of the supplier before committing to a larger purchase.

Know Your Market

Understand your market and what types of boards are in demand. This helps you choose the right mix of boards to meet your customers’ needs.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price. Many suppliers are willing to offer discounts for larger orders. Negotiating can save you money and improve your profit margins.

Inspect the Boards

When you receive your order, inspect the boards for any damage or defects. This ensures you receive high-quality products that meet your standards.

How to Market Your Wholesale Stand Up Paddle Boards

Online Presence

Create an online presence for your business. Use social media, a website, and online ads to reach potential customers. Showcasing your products online can attract more buyers.

Local Advertising

Advertise locally to attract customers in your area. Use flyers, local newspapers, and community boards. Local advertising can help you build a strong customer base.

Events and Demos

Host events and demos to showcase your boards. This allows potential customers to try them out and see the quality for themselves. Events can generate interest and sales.


Partner with local businesses like gyms, outdoor stores, and travel agencies. These partnerships can help you reach a wider audience and boost sales.


Buying wholesale stand up paddle boards offers numerous benefits, from cost savings to a wide variety of options. By understanding what to look for and how to choose the right supplier, you can make a smart investment. Whether you run a business, rent boards, or simply love paddle boarding, wholesale SUPs are a great choice.

Remember to focus on quality, stability, and the right type of board for your needs. With the right approach, you can enjoy the advantages of wholesale stand up paddle boards and take your business or personal adventures to the next level.

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