Wholesale Paddle Boards
  • Wholesale Paddle Boards
  • Wholesale Paddle Boards
  • Wholesale Paddle Boards

wholesale paddle boards


  1. • Constructed from durable, strength, stability drop stitch core material
  2. • Soft Non-slip EVA Form Deck pad
  3. • Bungee rope storage system
  4. • Comfort center Grip Neoprene handle
  5. • High Pressure quick inflation/Deflation Bravo valve , air pressure up to 15 PSI
  6. • Stainless steel D ring on tail for ankle leash

1.Ultra-light Drop-stitch core for higher compressive and tensile strength
2.lnner Rail Layer for extra air tight seal
3.0uter Rail Layer for smooth and compact bonding of all layers
4.Compostite coating with heavy duty PVC layer



  1. • 1 x Paddle Boad
  2. • 1x Durable Backpack
  3. • 1 x Dual Action Hand Pump with pressure gauge
  4. • 1×10’ Ankle leash
  5. • 1 x Compact 3-pieces aluminum paddle
  6. • 1 x Repair kit
OEM/ODM paddle board

Carton Dimension:
35×15.7×7.8in (89x40x20 cm)
Container Loading:
20/40/40H/45H: 398/835/988/1113

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wholesale paddle boards
wholesale paddle boards
wholesale paddle boards
wholesale paddle boards
wholesale paddle boards

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Discover the World of Wholesale Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding is growing in popularity. People love it for fitness, relaxation, and adventure. As more people get interested, the demand for paddle boards increases. This is where wholesale paddle boards come in. They offer great value for retailers and customers alike. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of buying wholesale paddle boards, what to look for in a good paddle board, and how to choose the best supplier.

What Are Wholesale Paddle Boards?

Wholesale paddle boards are sold in bulk. This means retailers can buy them at a lower cost per unit. They can then sell these paddle boards to individual customers at a profit. Buying wholesale is a smart choice for businesses because it saves money and ensures they have enough stock to meet demand.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Paddle Boards

Cost Savings

The biggest benefit of buying wholesale paddle boards is cost savings. When you buy in bulk, the price per board is lower. This allows retailers to offer competitive prices to their customers while still making a profit.

Consistent Supply

Buying wholesale ensures a consistent supply of paddle boards. Retailers do not have to worry about running out of stock. This is especially important during peak seasons when demand is high.


Wholesale suppliers often offer a wide variety of paddle boards. Retailers can choose from different styles, sizes, and colors. This variety attracts more customers, as they have more options to choose from.

Quality Assurance

Reputable wholesale suppliers provide high-quality paddle boards. They often work directly with manufacturers. This ensures that the boards meet certain standards of quality and durability.

Better Business Relationships

Buying wholesale helps build strong relationships between retailers and suppliers. Good relationships can lead to better deals, more flexible terms, and reliable support.

What to Look for in a Good Paddle Board

When buying wholesale paddle boards, it is important to consider the quality and features of the boards. Here are some key factors to look for:


Paddle boards can be made from various materials, including foam, fiberglass, and inflatable PVC. Each material has its advantages. Foam boards are lightweight and durable. Fiberglass boards offer better performance and speed. Inflatable boards are easy to transport and store.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of a paddle board affect its stability and performance. Wider boards are more stable and ideal for beginners. Narrower boards are faster and better for racing or touring. Consider the target market when choosing the size and shape of the boards.

Weight Capacity

Check the weight capacity of the paddle boards. It should be able to support the weight of the rider and any additional gear. A higher weight capacity makes the board more versatile and suitable for different users.


The design of the paddle board is also important. Attractive designs and colors can make the boards more appealing to customers. Additionally, features like non-slip surfaces and comfortable handles enhance the user experience.


Some paddle boards come with accessories like paddles, pumps, and repair kits. These extras add value to the purchase and make the boards more attractive to customers.

Choosing the Best Wholesale Supplier

Finding the right wholesale supplier is crucial for a successful business. Here are some tips for choosing the best supplier for wholesale paddle boards:


Look for suppliers with a good reputation. Check reviews and testimonials from other retailers. A reputable supplier will provide high-quality products and reliable service.


Compare prices from different suppliers. While lower prices are attractive, ensure the quality of the paddle boards is not compromised. Balance cost savings with quality to get the best value for your money.

Minimum Order Quantity

Check the minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. Some suppliers have high MOQs, which might not be suitable for small businesses. Find a supplier with MOQs that match your business needs.

Customer Support

Good customer support is essential. Choose a supplier who is responsive and helpful. They should be able to answer your questions and provide assistance when needed.

Shipping and Delivery

Consider the shipping and delivery terms. Reliable suppliers offer timely delivery and reasonable shipping costs. Some suppliers may also offer free shipping for large orders.

Sample Orders

If possible, order samples before committing to a large purchase. This allows you to check the quality of the paddle boards firsthand. It also helps build trust with the supplier.

Tips for Retailing Wholesale Paddle Boards

Once you have chosen a supplier and received your wholesale paddle boards, it is important to effectively market and sell them. Here are some tips for successful retailing:

Know Your Market

Understand your target market. Know what types of paddle boards are popular and in demand. This will help you stock the right products and meet customer needs.

Competitive Pricing

Set competitive prices. Offer discounts or promotions to attract customers. However, ensure your prices still allow for a reasonable profit margin.

Online Presence

Create a strong online presence. Use social media, online ads, and a user-friendly website to reach more customers. Online sales can significantly boost your business.

Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service. Respond promptly to inquiries and handle any issues professionally. Happy customers are more likely to return and recommend your store to others.

Events and Demos

Organize events or demo days. Allow customers to try the paddle boards before buying. This can increase sales and create a loyal customer base.


Wholesale paddle boards offer numerous benefits for retailers. They provide cost savings, a consistent supply, and a variety of options. When buying wholesale, it is important to consider the quality and features of the paddle boards. Choosing a reputable supplier with good customer support is crucial for a successful business.

By understanding your market, setting competitive prices, and providing excellent customer service, you can effectively retail wholesale paddle boards and grow your business. Paddle boarding is a popular and growing activity, and with the right approach, you can capitalize on this trend and offer high-quality products to your customers.

In conclusion, wholesale paddle boards present a great opportunity for retailers. They offer numerous benefits, including cost savings and a variety of options. By choosing the right supplier and effectively marketing the products, you can build a successful business and meet the growing demand for paddle boards. Happy paddle boarding!

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