Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk
  • Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk
  • Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk
  • Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk
  • Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk
  • Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk

Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk

Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk


  1. • Constructed from durable, strength, stability drop stitch core material
  2. • Soft Non-slip EVA Form Deck pad
  3. • Bungee rope storage system
  4. • Comfort center Grip Neoprene handle
  5. • High Pressure quick inflation/Deflation Bravo valve , air pressure up to 15 PSI
  6. • Stainless steel D ring on tail for ankle leash

1.Ultra-light Drop-stitch core for higher compressive and tensile strength
2.lnner Rail Layer for extra air tight seal
3.0uter Rail Layer for smooth and compact bonding of all layers
4.Compostite coating with heavy duty PVC layer



  • • 1 x Paddle Boad
  • • 1x Durable Backpack
  • • 1 x Dual Action Hand Pump with pressure gauge
  • • 1×10’ Ankle leash
  • • 1 x Compact 3-pieces aluminum paddle
  • • 1 x Repair kit
OEM/ODM paddle board accessaries

Carton Dimension:
35×15.7×7.8in (89x40x20 cm)
Container Loading:
20/40/40H/45H: 398/835/988/1113

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Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk
Inflatable Paddle Boards In Bulk

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Discover the Advantages of Inflatable Paddle Boards in Bulk

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to enjoy the water? Inflatable paddle boards might be just what you need. Buying them in bulk offers many benefits. In this blog, we’ll explore why inflatable paddle boards are great, how to choose the best ones, and why buying in bulk is a smart choice.

What Are Inflatable Paddle Boards?

Inflatable paddle boards are a type of stand-up paddle board (SUP) that you can inflate and deflate. They are made from durable materials like PVC, which makes them strong and long-lasting. When deflated, they become compact and easy to carry, making them perfect for travel and storage.

Benefits of Inflatable Paddle Boards


Inflatable paddle boards are light and easy to carry. You can take them anywhere, whether you’re heading to the beach, a lake, or even on vacation. When deflated, they fit into a small bag, making transportation simple.


These boards are made from strong materials, so they can withstand rough waters and bumps. They are less likely to get damaged compared to hard boards, making them a reliable choice for all kinds of water activities.

Easy Storage

When not in use, you can deflate the board and store it in a compact space. This is especially useful for people with limited storage at home. You don’t need a large garage or shed; a small closet will do.


Inflatable paddle boards are suitable for various water activities. You can use them for paddling, yoga, fishing, and even surfing. Their versatility makes them a great investment for water enthusiasts.

Why Buy Inflatable Paddle Boards in Bulk?

Cost Savings

Buying inflatable paddle boards in bulk can save you money. Many suppliers offer discounts for bulk purchases, reducing the cost per board. This is great for businesses, clubs, or groups of friends who want to enjoy paddle boarding together.

Consistent Quality

When you buy in bulk from a reputable supplier, you ensure that all boards are of the same high quality. This consistency is important, especially for rental businesses or schools, where equipment quality must be reliable.


Having multiple paddle boards on hand means you’re always ready for a group outing. No need to wait for shipping or deal with stock shortages. This convenience is particularly beneficial for tour operators and event planners.

Business Opportunities

If you own a rental business or are thinking of starting one, buying inflatable paddle boards in bulk can be a smart move. You can offer a wide range of boards to your customers, increasing your business’s appeal.

Choosing the Best Inflatable Paddle Boards in Bulk

Quality Materials

Look for boards made from high-quality PVC or similar materials. The construction should be strong and durable, ensuring the boards last a long time. Check for features like double-layer construction for extra strength.

Size and Shape

Consider the size and shape of the boards. Different activities may require different designs. For general paddling, a standard size is suitable. For yoga, a wider board might be better. Ensure the bulk order includes the right mix of sizes to meet various needs.

Inflation and Deflation Mechanism

Check the ease of inflating and deflating the boards. High-quality boards come with efficient pumps and valves that make this process quick and easy. Time-saving features are especially important for businesses.


Some inflatable paddle boards come with accessories like paddles, pumps, and repair kits. When buying in bulk, make sure these essentials are included. It saves you from having to purchase them separately.

Warranty and Support

Choose a supplier that offers a good warranty and customer support. This is important for bulk purchases, as you want assurance that any issues will be resolved quickly.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Inflatable Paddle Boards

Proper Inflation

Always inflate the board to the recommended pressure. Over-inflating can damage the board, while under-inflating can affect performance. Use the gauge on the pump to get it just right.

Regular Cleaning

Rinse the board with fresh water after each use, especially if you’ve been in saltwater. This prevents salt and dirt from building up, which can damage the material over time.

Safe Storage

Store the board in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. UV rays can degrade the material. If storing for a long time, deflate the board and keep it in its storage bag.

Repair Kits

Keep a repair kit handy. Small punctures can happen, but they are easy to fix with the right tools. A well-maintained board lasts longer and performs better.


Inflatable paddle boards are an excellent choice for anyone who loves water activities. They are portable, durable, and versatile. Buying them in bulk offers even more benefits, including cost savings, convenience, and business opportunities. When choosing the best boards, focus on quality materials, size, and ease of use. Proper maintenance ensures they stay in great condition for years. Whether for personal use or business, inflatable paddle boards in bulk are a smart investment. Enjoy your time on the water with these amazing boards!

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